Friday, August 31, 2007

Secrets and mysteries

This whole mystery thing where you only get a little bit of the pattern once a week really is tempting! I had a lot of fun just watching as people worked their way through The Mystery Stole 3. I didn't join them as I was in the middle of The cap Shawl, but everybody sure had a lot of fun.

In a few weeks The Secrets of Chrysopolis starts. And I am so tempted! And I don't have time. I really shouldn't join it (well, I already did, but just for a peek). The stole is big, I'll need around 1600 yards, which is just a s much as I used for The Cap. I get 8000 yards from knitpicks next week, but then I am going to start Anne's Garden Stole.

Am in the middle of The melon too, so I really shouldn't.

But I am tempted!

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rabbitIng said...

oh i know just what you mean! i have already signed up for mystery shawl 5, although i haven't even got my yarn yet for mystery shawl 4, and i'm only partway through the bee fields shawl, and i'm still trying to finish off an impt section of my phd, and i'm going to st petersburg and moscow next week on holiday, and then to a conference ... and ... and ... and thinks: maybe i like living dangerously? Go on, join me on the edge, otherwise it's lonely out there. also, my son reckons if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space!!! ;)