Friday, August 24, 2007

New project

Well, the yarn and needles for Anne's Garden Stole hasn't arrived yet so I had to find something else to do in the meantime (don't mention UFOs). I started out with a babyhat, but no. I then tried a pair of baby socks. Nooo no, just didn't feel right. I then dived into my stash and rediscovered the mohair/silk yarn Jennie gave me in the final SP parcel (isn't it just great to have so much yarn that you are able to do that). I did some swatching and came up with a simple pattern for a scarf (I prefer simple lace patterns or no pattern at all for variegated yarn) but the only 6mm circular neddles I have are blessed with a wire as stiff as unboiled spagetti, so in the end, for the sake of my arms, I gave up.
In a split second, I didn't even notice it happen, I was knitting......yes, what am I knitting, can you tell?

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Kat said...

That looks like the Melon Shawl from VLT. Gorgeous!!