Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Torture (The Cap Shawl #13)

That was very cruel of me. I mean, to tell myself not to knit on the Cap until Brancing Out was nicely wrapped up. Actually it was torture. Torture is illegal.

Here's the result.

2½/9 of the way. That's around 400 of the 1475 rows.

By accident I found a new way (well new to me) of knitting on the border. I started out with 2 bamboo dpn's. That didn't work at all so used my shortest circular lace needle instead. It was quite a fuzz to pick up that one stitch from the center panel every other row. By accident I started knitting with the big circular with all the center panel stitches on. And that is SO much easier! Now I don't have to change needle all the time and I don't have to worry about the stitches falling off the big circular when it's just hanging there.

I was a little surpricing that you use slip stitches when you knit-on the border as it reduces the elasticity. But I guess it holds it all together a little. Just have to be carefull when blocking. And they look neat!
The pictures get bigger if you click them

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purplejen said...

Your doing her proud! I'm torturing myself to finish some UFO''s and not start knitting purple lace mohair, which is my inclination whenever I see your cap. I knit the borders on the exact same way, glad you worked it out because its so much easier! BTW which needle size are you using?