Friday, August 24, 2007

She's the best!

There was a note in my mail yesterday so today I could pick up yet another wonderfull parcel from Jennie.

Inside the beautiful bag were the eagerly awaited inspiration for Anne's Garden Stole. As I already told her they inspired me so much that I had to order The Second Book Of Modern Lace Knitting right away (now that I had seen 3 of the beautiful circular cloths). Figured I better order The First Book too! And oh boy, by accident Wrapped in comfort found its way into the basket too! You think that's it? No no no, on the way out I managed to sneak in Traditional knitted lace shawl too. After that I didn't dare to take a look at the rest of my search for "lace knitting"!! She also managed to feed both my crave for chocolate and my mohair addiction. As always the picture doesn't look quite right, but I tell you the green and blue is just perfect (not too much purple at all). It is so soft and yummy too.
And some seeds for next year. They will be fun to grow, have never seen them before.
Thank you so much Jennie!
You are a wonderfull inspiration!

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