Thursday, August 2, 2007

Post SP10 parcel

Have you ever heard of a Secret Pal that keeps sending surprices even after the revelation?
Mine does. She's the best!

I knew this was waiting for me when I got home as I had to call the postoffice and tell them not to return the package.
It's getting difficult to come up with new ways to say thanks a million!
Thanks a trillion!
A cute and beautiful bag in which I found wool for needle felting, a needle size measure (now I can return the one I have borrowed of my mother in law) and some very very thin yarn. Cob weight I pressume it is. I have never tried knitting with this kind of yarn!

Beautifull shiny sooo soft silk!! (I have already started using it, look above in a bit) And golden leaves for decorating letters and stuff like that.

Paper spaceships for my son ( he loves them), dinosaurs for my daughter (she has already build a dinosaur world) and something to cheer up the eggs. They will have a lot of fun showing their eggs to their friends!

Looks great right?

Finally something to keep my hands busy for ages ;-)

A big hug to Jennie

I decided to sign up for SP11, now that my arms are better. But then I discovered I WAS LATE and SP11 sign-up closed two days ago!!!! Sigh!! :-(

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purplejen said...

Thanks for the hug ... was really feeling down and needing one this morning! I'm sure I can arrange a surpise for you as a not so secret SP11.