Friday, August 17, 2007

Anne's Garden Shawl

Yesterday it was Anne's birthday (Happy birthday) and because she means a lot to me my next project is for her. As she loves her garden and has one h... of a garden the theme is quite obvious. It is going to be

"Anne's Garden Stole"

I'll use Knitpicks 100% merino lace weight wool and once it is finish I'll dye it with love and care in a colour I think she will like. The shape will be rectangular and the pattern.... well, that's a surprice :-) So you will just have to come back (and back and back) to see it evolve.

My inspiration are shawls like this and this and this and this and of course my not-secret-anymore SecretPal10 Jennie (thanks).

The yarn hasn't arrived yet (nor the needles) so...

to be continued.....

and of course there are 1 million kilometers of cap Shawl border

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rabbitIng said...

very interesting. look forward to seeing progress. BTW, am interested in the knitpicks yarn - how will you dye it? Have you done it before? did it work well? do tell. ;) Ingrid