Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Diagram generator & stashes

Right here is a free pattern diagram generator. I'll be needing one soon :-)

And have a look at this!! I will never ever again feel bad about bying too much yarn.


gordyandjen said...

Well its taken me nearly a wonderful hour to catch up with your blog these past two weeks. You've been so busy! I'm really excited to see the cap nearly finished, I'm tempted to knit her at some point too!

Stephanie said...

Hi Lul,
after I've seen this picture I had problems to shut my mouht *gggg*! But to be sure, I have my own Wool-Shop in Germany and do make all of my yarns by my selfe. So I do have more than 4500 kilos of yarn in my stock *shame-on-me* and all of them are still waiting to be windet into knitting yarn balls.

Hwoever, your cap looks very wonderful! The next lace project for me will be the start of the "secret of chrysopolis" end of September. If you are interested please mail me and I will send you the link!

Have a nice day!!

LUL said...

Stephanie, amazing! 4500kg. Wow! What kind of yarn do you have/make? Tell me more, you've made me very curious!
I already signed up for the "secret of chrysopolis" but I think I'll just watch and admire (end envy) all the stoles. I have an upcoming project with high priority ;-) Will blog about it tonight!

Stephanie said...

Good evening Lul,

that's the way I will handle the secet of chryso.... (I hate writing this word). Just sent you an eMail with some photos. The photos are a litle bit older, but they show an exibithion where I offered my yarns. I think I will take some new photos tomorrow, so you can see what's up now.

I'm excited to see what will come up next in your blog!

See you

rabbitIng said...

i just can't believe that stash!! i have decided that mine is not a stash, just a few spare balls of wool! ;) love how that cap shawl is coming on