Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Cap Shawl #10

Just 2 pattern rows to go.
And 4228 purl stitches.
Not to mention 1476 rows of edging....

One day I have to calculate how many stitches it is made of all together.
The pictures get bigger if you click them.


rabbitIng said...

this is great - is the pattern from Victorian Lace Today? that's something i've got my eye on too. ps thanks for your nice remarks about my blog shawl photos, from rabbitIng

rabbitIng said...

hi, i love Victorian Lace too, and i'd love to do something out of it, but so far i've got four projects lined up, as well as two practices on the go - and then there's the baby knitting, which is not getting done at all, due to my being buried in lace. and in any case, i'm supposed to be doing my phd! ;(
i'd like to be in touch direct, my e-mail is on my blog profile if you would too.
keep up the good work, the cap shawl is beautiful, i can't believe your a beginner!! v best, Ingrid

Stephanie said...

Hello, hey Lady, you can be sure of my biggest respect for this shawl. I just wonder how you have the power to hold on to this wonderfull piece of Lace knitting. More of 4000 stitches....WOW! The bigest amount of stitches I had was something about 500. I think you need more than one houre to finish one round, didn't you?? However, I love this thing you're knitting and looking forward to see the whole beauty.
I wich you an nice sunny weekend!
Greetings from Germany

LUL said...

Oh, no no. I didn't mean that I have 4000 stitches on the needles. Only that I had a lot of purl stitches (6 rows with 738 stitches in each round) I purl much slower than I knit and the rest of the shawl has been only knit stitches (and yo and k2tog).