Sunday, September 2, 2007

New project

Really bad timing I know. But I need to make something that isn't lace. Have made some babystuff (will post pic when the baby is born) and some swatches for this:

Using this:
Which is in my stash. I just need a new 7mm Addi needle (why didn't I order that size from knitpicks!)
The melon is growing, but I am really bored with the pattern. Have done 40 melon rows of a total around 67 and do NOT look forward to the border!


gordyandjen said...

Hey there's nothing wrong with having something else on the go at once ... in fact I can't just knit lace, although I always have one (or two) lacy things on the go at the moment! If you want I can order the 7mm Knitpicks from get knitted for you (I'm about to place an order for some more for myself anyway) ... let me know, its no hassle. :-)

gordyandjen said...

... meant to add on 7mm needles it won't take long!