Thursday, August 9, 2007

Things I've learned today

Things I have learned today.
  1. How to open the hood on the Focus (to put on more washer fluid, but that part was easy)
  2. How to inflate the tyres on the Focus -including the right pressue (2nd time to have a look in the instruction book) A man (of course) was so kind to tell me my left front tyre was almost flat. I tried to do "the trick" -kick the tyre a bit -but it didn't help. What do they (men) do it for?? My friend Anne suggested I stopped by at gas station and looked "female and helpless" but I went for the "I am macho and sunglasses look" instead and did it myself (couldn't get the pressue right though, but hopefully no one noticed, will tell DH to take it to the gas station tonight)
  3. How to unsubscribe a magazine you never subscribed. There was a "welcome letter" for me from "Bo Bedre"!!?? Within a month I would receive the first volume (along with the charge of course) AND a "Sirius lightball". I almost decided to keep the subscribtion because I was so curious about a "Sirius (serious?) lightball".

I thought about letting this be the start of my "Thing's I've learned" theme. It's never to late to learn! I'll try not to include thing like "today I leaned to sort my research data into groups using the the statistical software Stata". Though somebody might find that more interesting than "today I leaned to knit backwards (which I didn't -unfortunately).


rabbitIng said...

i have tried knitting backwards, but a) even when i persisted, it was always slower than turning the needles :(. and b) i don't get as good a tension and c) the tension is not the same as when i knit the 'proper way round' :( so i'll be interested to hear how you go on!

gordyandjen said...

You rock Girl! It took me a while to figure out how to get into the hood of our focus too!

Persevere with knitting backwards, its worth it for lace edgings!