Sunday, June 24, 2007

SP10 #4 -the final

It is time for a major show! Prepare for a picture heavy post.
I had this huge package sitting next to my computer for day! woke up at 5 am -time for unwrapping1
Lots of goodies inside.
What's inside -something for dyeing.
Wonderfull merino/silk yarn. Yummy! I have actually been thinking about getting some merinowool!
Spices for indian cooking. I look forward to try them out. Even with the containers closed it smelled wondderful.
She has been going on about this for months.
A starter kit for needle felting. That sure will be fun to try! Great idea!
A small present.
Blue food dyeing. Now I have what it takes to experiment with food dyes!
Homemade cute stitchmarkers. Just what I need!
Mmmm, need I say more?
Meow. I am cute!
Sweet friendship cards. almost too cute to give away.
The most fantastic soft handdyed kidmohair/silk yarn. It has already told me it want to become a big scarf. Maybe with a simple lace pattern from Victorian Lace Today which I got from my mother and brother. Or maybe a knitted center and a lace border. The colous are great but doesn't come up right on the image.
This fun little goddes expand when put into water. The kids and I will have fun with it later.
My favourite scent from Elizabeth Arden. Mmmm. Thank you so much pal.
I absolutely agree! LOL.
And finally, at the very bottom of the box. The beautiful shawl made from dark blue alpakka wool.I just love it! I wore it to the party last nigtht and it kept my shooulders warm infront of the fire.
And I have to admit I was secretly hoping she would make me one!! She's a mindreader!

Dear Purplejen :-) once again a zillion million trillion thanks for a wonder parcel and all the great presents. I have so enjoyed all the parcels you've send me, all the things wrapped up one by one. I am glad I woke up so early and could selfishly enjoy every single second :-)
The only bad thing -a huge bad thing- is that this was the final parcel and SP10 has reached the end. :-(

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