Tuesday, October 30, 2007

SSS testknitter

It's time to introduce my Spring Shawl Surprise testknitter Purplejen.

She has had the lace bug since childhood and it's all because of her I am infected too. I think it sneaked into one of the Secret Pal 10 surprises!!

Throughout the Spring Shawl Surprise (and afterwards aswell) you can find all kind of advice about lace knitting at her blog. What yarn to use, which cast on is best, how can you do the side edge, how to use a lifeline and so on.

Check her out (and her beautiful Thistle Shawl too)

She might even drop a few hints about the SSS -she is a great teaser, belive me, I know!

Meet her cat Kenny :-)

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Purplejen said...

I'm blushing ;-)