Monday, October 1, 2007

Anne's Garden Stole - the edging

The last pattern surprice. Leaves seemed very appropriate to all these flowers. But they take a while to knit. Anyone who again find it familiar from somewhere?

The final surprice will be which colour it ends up with -not to mention what it will look like in the end after The Big Block.


purplejen said...

WOW!!!! THAT IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! You'd make a great designer if you get fed up with the day job :-)

Can't wait to see it dyed and blocked.

purplejen said...

oh and I know the edging ... is it from Heirloom knitting?

Laura said...

I love the leaf border. The stitches you're using are very pretty. It's lovely!

katknits>^..^ said...

Oh Man!!
That is absolutely beautiful!!
You have done a fabulous job, I've always wanted to understand how to do a "knitted on border" but have never had the opportunity.... said...

Isn't the leaf pattern "Frost Flowers" and featured on one of the Barbara Walker treasuries? Beautiful work!