Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I haven't touched my knitting projects for several days! Why? I am in the middle of designing a stole.
I wanted to make something very lacy and a little more complicated than usual. Maybe, in the end it will end up as a KAL, but not for a while, right now there seem to be plenty of KALs that have just started or are about to start. Or maybe I will just make it available for everyone who wants to do stole that involves several stitch types (not just the usual yo an k2tog) and parts with pattern on the wrong rows too.
I meant to post a picture of some of my swatches but blogspot is playing tricks on me.


Gammy aka Peggy said...

Oh, Oh, I can't wait to see it!!!! However you do it, I want to be involved. :)

Purplejen said...

... sounds like the sort of thing I would enjoy! How about something to start on New Years day? Count me in.

purplejen said...

btw ... happy SoSing for tomorrow. Can't wait to see what the next clue brings.