Sunday, October 28, 2007

SSS synopsis and a little Melon

The Spring Shawl Surprice group is still growing and there are now close to 800 members. I am very excited and honoured about so many joining.

I am trying to get as many nationalities as possible to join the group. It's all part of the theme but you will not know why until the of the knit-along when the theme and name of the shawl is revealed.

If you would like to translate the pattern and notes into another language it would be wonderful. Just send me a mail : lul1971 at yahoo dot com

Des modèles et les notes seront traduits en Français.

Muster und Anmerkungen werden ins Deutsche übersetzt.
After a long break I continued on the Melon border last night while at a 95 yo birthday. Someone in the Victorain Lace Today group had finished hers and that made me want to finish mine too.


Peachy said...

I just loove your melon shawl - I knit mine in KSH in the jelly green, fitting my ball gown, but I love the dark burgundy of yours!

btw., I'd rather say "Muster und Anmerkungen werden ins Deutsche übersetzt.

sorry for being so ready with the red pencil, but around here we usually say there's a reason why we learn most other languages more easy than our own :)

Amy said...

Your melon shawl is lovely!

N. Maria said...

What a lovely shawl it's going to be.....just lovely.