Sunday, October 21, 2007


Spring Shawl Surprise sure is keeping me busy. So far 250 have signed in, welcome to you all!

To get some knitting done (swatching a small detail on the shawl -now it looks just perfect) I had to close down my computer -I kept getting distracted by e-mails (and that is the best way to mess up your lace knitting)

So far it seems like you are all a bunch of secret loving knitters -and that I have to keep the theme to my self (he he he).
I came by this old tree the other day -the roots reminded me of lace knitting. But I guess right now I could see lace designs in a cat's behind!


Robin said...

CAN'T WAIT! I'm am so hooked on lace knitting! I signed up on Ravelry.

Gammy aka Peggy said...

I'm looking forward to this KAL. Isn't that tree just beautiful? I think I have wood elf blood. :)

Kimberly said...

Oh I feel the same way-I see lace in everything these days. :)

Arianwen said...

lol it looks like fairisle to me!!Looking forward to your kal. It will be the first one where I get to feel the wool when I buy it.

Hannestrik said...

Jeg har meldt mig til LUL, jeg vil glæde mig så meget til at starte på et sjal den første dag i det nye år. Tak LUL. Hilsen Mutti ;-)