Friday, October 26, 2007

Spring Shawl Surprise theme poll

Spring Shawl Surprise Theme Poll
255 votes
and the winner is
Secret theme
who got 41% of the votes

A total of 29% would have liked to know the theme, I'm afraid you just have to wait :-)
And 8% don't really like secrets at all (you are welcome anyway)
Thanks to everybody for the help!
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Ma Dalton said...

Hi Lul !

I want to speak about your KAL on my blog... and try to put a "button" for a link.
The one I put is a little bit too big !
Can you manage something ? when you have time, of course !

LUL said...

Hi Ma Dalton
At the group site in the folder "Photos" you can find buttons in the "Administration" folder. There are different sizes but let me know if you need a different size and I will make one.