Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Anne's Garden Stole - The final result

Now that everything has settled I feel much better about the final result of Anne's Garden Stole. Maybe I have just gotten used to how it looks (slightly felted), besides, I have nothing to campare it with.
So here she is, in all of her glory
Anne's Garden Stole
90 grams. 880yards (805m)/100g
Dye: app 9:3 Navel blue:Moss Omega dyes
Pattern: My own inspired by A gathering of Lace
Started: Sep 7th Finished: Oct 8th 2007
Now I just have to give it to Anne!


Rosa said...

Gorgeous lace! It is a wonderful color too. Very versatile. Great job. Can't wait to see your next laceweight.

shortoldlady said...

You did a wonderful job! She will be thrilled.

Danielle said...

I think the slight felting makes it look softer, a little bit more loved, if such a thing is possible. The scarf looks wonderful and I'm sure that she'll like it.

gordyandjen said...

Wowee!!!!!! Love the stole and the photos. She looks perfect and beautiful and really good size, not too big or small.