Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Which yarn to choose.......

I have never been very good at making up my mind. I meant to knit the cap shawl using kidmohair, but then my secret pal suggested JaggerSpun Zephyr, 50% merino 50% silk blend. And now I can't make up my mind!! I'd have to order it from the UK or USA(very cheap but not sure about the taxes and stuff) as you can't get it here in Denmark. I am sure I would love the Peacock colourway which I can only find in US stores.

Well, hopefully my kidmohair test skein will arrive tomorrow (waited aaall day for it, but no). In the mean time I have found lots of people who have made the Cap Shawl. They are all so beautiful:

While waiting for the yarn (and needles ) to arrive I have practised the circle cast on and the first few rounds, but using 3mm needles (my 4mm were stuck in the lace sweater and I don't have any 4½mm)


Anonymous said...

Sorry for another bad influence! I know KCG sometimes have things which aren't online or they can order it for you. I usually email and find them really helpful

jenjerpeach said...

Oops, I have to get around to putting up the measurements. The original blocked out to 74" but mine didn't get past 60" (inot for lack of trying, though) but I did get to about 56". I love the pattern so much I'm making another from this electric blue yarn I got from It's awesome.