Sunday, June 24, 2007

Føsdag 1

My danish birthday group has spoiled mee too. It's the first time ever that I get so many presents. Enjoyed every single second of unwrapping.
From Zoegabutik I got a lot of felt and some pattern with things to make of it. Sha has made me a beatiful ribbon with pearls to.
Hoibo has made me a beautiful beautiful nightgown. Partly crochet. Wearing this and a lace shawl I will feel like I live in the 18th century.

Inka56 send me 4 ball of soft fluffy mohair and a travel knit kit.
In the present from Charitas there was 3 balls of alpakka wool, soo soft. A pair of ivory needles, funny ones with soft plastic ends to ease the knitting, I look forward to try them out. A row counter was in the present too.
Dea send me bulbs and seeds for the garden. A great idea. And chocolate too.
Marianne S pleased my cooking part with a book for my own recipees, and tart recipe and a table mat for the tart. Wonderful ideas too.
Very delicious chocolates from Ulla P. Yummy!
Chocolate and mr camel fra Kassio :-) lol
I feel so spoiled. Thank you everybody!

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purplejen said...

Glad to see you were spoiled all round ... you deserve it! ... now you know why I was asking ages ago about tassels!