Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In love

I have fallen in love -again. The last time I did it was with the Mermaid -and it ended out with a perfect marriage. I guess I must believe in bigamy. This time "The Cap Shawl", from Victorian Lace today, is the one. I have already ordered a kidmohair test skein -I want to see the colour before I order the whole lot.


Anonymous said...

ooh la la! And which colour will she be? I would recommend Jaggerspun zephpyr.

LUL said...

You are right. That sure looks like a wonderful yarn. Have you tried it? The original is made of rowan kidsilk haze which is extremely nice too -and very expensive!! I have only been looking for kidmohair yarn as I thought the fluffyness of the mohair works better for this shawl?
I have ordered 25 g of a kidmohair blend (70%kidmohair and 30% polyester)It is supposed to be petrol and I hope it is darker/more green than shown on the homepage. I couldn't find any yarn prized inbetween rowan and "normal" kidmohair. Maybe the Jaggerspun zephyr is the one....now I am all confused!!!

Anonymous said...

I have worked with both kidsilk and zephyr. I love the end result for both. However, Kid silk is almost impossible to frog and generally harder to knit with than zephyr. The zephyr is easy to frog and has a nice sheen to it. I know you love mohair .... but ... you might like zephyr too. Zephyr is half the price of the rowan here: http://www.kcgtrading.com/yarns.php?fulldisplay=60#60

jenjerpeach said...

So I used zephyr simply because I didn't have enough kidsilk haze in my stash of one color & I didn't want to buy 6 balls of it if I could make it in zephyr. It has a sheen to it because of the silk (50% wool, 50% silk). I did it in 3's just because I like zephyr on 3's lol. I don't know if it's how I knit or just my style but it looks too loose for me past a size 4. I have the pics up on my new blog.