Sunday, June 10, 2007

Two socks. Lost needle recovered.

It's 28 degrees celsius outside and I felt a bit silly walking aorund in wollen socks!!


Anonymous said...

Look at those socks .... I really like them! .... and no sign of second sock syndrome! I'm in the mood to knit up some socks now ... and the results of your dip dyeing are fab ... have you chosen a pattern for your sweater yet?

LUL said...

Second sock syndrome? Is that whenyou never get around to finish sock no 2?
Haven't quite decided the pattern for the sweater yet. I think I'll make the skeins as big as possible. Maybe there won't even be any repetitions! But I'll go for the colours similar to the dip dyed yarn. Maybe a little darker.

Rikke said...

I really love the colours of those socks!
It is sooo me :D
Soon it's your birthday I know (Rokken). I am trying to come up with something you would like, so I'm just sneaking around a on your blog a bit - if you don't mind. :)

- Rikke/Kassio