Saturday, June 16, 2007


I am the lucky owner of 10!!! unfinished objects!! Wow. Actually 13, but some of them are a secret ;-) as they might be used for presents.

This is the back of a crochet sweater. It is too narrow and I will never finish it!! As it is mohair it is impossible to frog and I really don't know why I haven't thrown it into the bin.

Here is the back and half the front of a jacket-like thing. I hope to finish day...but I am not too crazy about the yarn. (and I wonder where I have put the pattern!)

My lace sweater in white mohair is what I am currently knitting so I guess it is more of a WIP. I still havn't quite desided whether I like it or not! It's my own design, more or less, and I fear the stochinette part of the front isn't big enough, ie the lace part will start at the middle of the breasts. If it does it will look absolutly weird!

A cat 'n mouse potholder to be. It was supposed to be for my downstream secret pal....we'll see!!

My squares!!! Definately not forgotten and definately will be finished.
The back of a mohair sweater. I have started to use the yarn for the more thing that is difficult to frog and belongs in the bin.

I don't know why I never finished this shawl. I like the colour which is yellow/brown/goldish. Very warm autumn colours. I made up the pattern as I went along and am not sure I can remember how. Can't even remember which size hook I used.

A crochet 1-finger glove. If you know someone with only 1 hand and only 1 finger on that hand (the little finger) you can have it!!

A shopping bag!! Hmmmm!

My oldest unfinished object and the most time consuming one! I really enjoyed making it so far. Then my mother made a comment about it being very macho!! And she is rigtht. If I finish it I will never wear it and I don't know any men my size!


Anonymous said...

Ok ... here are some thoughts.
If its going in the bin try felting it first. You can then make animals and flowers out of it easily (trust me I know and you will soon too!). Will your macho waistcoat fit DS in a few years? I alos love seeing the lace sweater and blanket squares!

Dea said...

Nej hvor sjovt jeg har netop lavet en post med alle mine projekter :D Jeg synes din lace trøje ser flot ud indtil videre, men man ved selfølgelig aldrig til man ser den på :)

Anonymous said...

mohair and mohair/nylon mix felts really well and makes great felted animals

elan said...

If you haven't already tried this, mohair is easier to frog after an hour in the freezer, the fibres shrink.

LUL said...

Thanks for the tip elan. I have never heard about it before :-)

The mohair content isn't enourmous (can't remember how much) but if I can't frog it I'll try to felt it :-)

rabbitIng said...

use your mohair as a fabric to make cushions or bags - crochet some flowers or suchlike in bright colours to apply, or embroider something on - i've done this, and it looks really original, and best thing is, nobody knows you didn't mean it to be like that - unless you tell them! ;)