Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lemon Curd

I am having 10 girlfriends for cheese and wine tonight so have been busy with cooking. Yesterday I made lemon curd for the first. Gosh that is tasty! Try it out!!

Lemon curd:

• 40 g butter

• 100 g sugar

• 1 lemon, rasped and juiced

• 1 egg, whisked

Start off rasping the lemon. Then juice it. Mix everything in a bowl and heat it slowly (I immersed the bowl in boiling water) while whisking. After 15 min it starts to thicken. Don't let it boil! Remove from the heat and put it into a jar.


purplejen said...

Hope you had a fab evening. I love making lemon curd.

Rikke said...

How funny. I've just made lemon curd myself. For a nice Lemon Meringue Pie. :)