Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cap Shawl yarn -nope

I wonder how much yarn I have to order before I find the right one for The Cap Shawl.

And why is it that I only meant to order the petrol kidmohair but ended up with this:

The kidmohair was on sale, so figured I could always use some in black. I thought that maybe I can combine it with the rowan kidsilk (with I probably won't!) The lavender silk is for my downstream Secret Pal. The red/pink sock yarn was the last of it's kind -and very cheap! The selfstribing sock yarn...well... forgot my argument. The Addi needles -for the Cap Shawl.

But the petrol kidmohair just doesn't look very petrol and it definately doesn't tell me it want to be a Cap Shawl!!!

So, I might end up using a lot of money on a Kid Seta Mohair/silk blend.


jenjerpeach said...

i hope you find the yarn for the shawl. once you get started, it'll be fine. it's cool though that you can know which yarn isn't gonna work for a pattern. i don't know how many times i've picked ou tsomething and it just looked bleh.

Anonymous said...

Ok ... I have my bad influence hat on but... why not either overdye the turquoise with a little moss and naval blue or your own undyed to suit. I often do this and its much easier to acheive a uniform outcome when you're trying to get an even solid colour. I'll try and remember to take some pics of some I've overdyed for my hap shawl.