Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I just realised I havn't been commenting my knitting and crochet for a while. So here's alittle update.

My Secret Pal mailed me some of her favourite websites with lace knitting. It is very beautyful and have never tried it before. So decided to try it out on a square. You sure have to be very patient!! *lol*

A crochet mouse and cat potholder for Marion. Or mybe not...

I finished the left front of the "not too crazy about it" jacket.

And finally a cotton hat for my husband. It's blue although it looks black. (SP, he would never wear a hundredwasser inspired hat!!)


Anonymous said...

I love the lace square and the potholders are adorable (have bookmarked the pattern).

I'm glad that you've changed your mind, Mermaid is beautiful. I think you might quite like shetland wool. It softens incredibly if after washing you give it a final rinse in diluted hair conditioner. Call me a bad influence (!) but have a look at
your SP

LUL said...

Great tip :-) I will definately do that. And a very nice site. The colour variation is amazing. I have 54 colours to choose from and I am just hopeless at making up my mind. One colour is bad, but three!!!! I will probaby go for green/blue colours, unless I decide to copy the ivory/blue, or maybe I feel like something wild like bright green or... arrrgh!!