Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Do you see the cat?

I was about to show my invisible cat but then it actually shows up on the picture although not easy to see. In real life you can't see it at all!!

This is the shawl for my SP10 pal -Marion. She likes purple, so hopefully she will like this one. But she doesn't like mohair yarn!! Which I have used. The question is, doesn't she like things made of mohair or doesn't she like to knit with it herself. A little risky. Oh well, if she doesn't like it then maybe her cats do!

So far this shawl has taught me 3 things
  1. Don't use mohair for filet crochet.

  2. Don't use multicoloured yarn for filet crochet.

  3. Filet crochet is rather time consuming :-)

Finished the last book of the Lionboy Trilogy today and have moved on to the last book of the Abhorsen Trilogy , so don't mind a little easy going crochet.

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