Saturday, March 24, 2007

The best SP in the whole world

My secret pal has sent me the most amazing, wonderful, beautyful welcome parcel. I am in lack of words!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Not just the presents themselves but the beatyfull wrapping (I resisted the urge to rip it all apart, the paper was so beautyfull), the small notes, the silver silk paper. It was so much fun to open them one at a time. My son too was excited, but even he understood to enjoy every moment. And boy have I been spoiled!!! Look at the things she has sent me!

The most fantastic hand dyed Colinette mohair. Extremely soft and I just love the colours. They are difficult to reproduce. Turquoise, green, blue. I am so much looking forward to using it.

A skein of black Rowan kidsilk. But not just black. It has a little bit of silver in it too. I will definately use it for making a shawl or scarf. That will be perfect for wearing with party dresses.

A skein of Classic soft tweed -wool and silk! It is grey with small bits of blue, yellow pink. Very soft and yummy.

3mm short wodden knitting needles. I have never seen them so short before. I look forward to use them and I am sure these will make the whole sock business much easier.

And offcourse coriander :-) We both like to cook indian so she made a perfect choice. I always have coriander in my garden and this year I will enjoy watching it grow even more. I promise to post pictures of it :-)

And look at all these wonderful things. We both discovered already that we have a lot in common, but I am quite sure she didn't know I am adicted to lip balm and have dryness of my hands this time of year!!

And delicious chocolate. There was some dried fruit for the kids aswell, but that was unwrapped before I god a chance to take the picture. However, my son is a bit picky, but he loved the gold wrapped chocolate. My daughter words when she had a piece of the dark organic chocolate: This is the most delicious chocolate I have ever tasted. And she is right.

A magazine with all kind of things I all of a sudden get an urge to make *lol* We don't have magazines like that here in Denmark!! What a great thing to give. I already had a quick glimpse in ot and look forward to read it.

And finally some stickers (not on this photo) a cute card (I wish my husband wasn't allergic) and a homemade cotton cloth that I had to promise to use for my least favourite household chore! Does that mean I have to remove dust from now on??!!!! Arrgh

I almost forgot. She send me two patterns aswell. One for socks (I don't have it) and one for a Cat's Paw Lace Shawl. Maybe I will do better on that one than my lace chunky square *lol*

Boy, have I been spoiled. How about that you become my SP11, 12 13...too?

Thank you!!!


Bobbi said...

Lucky YOU!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked your surprise, I sure had lots of fun preparing it for you!