Friday, March 23, 2007

Postman Pat was here...

...but I wasn't. I waited for him for ages but he came very late. That means I ordered the yarn for the mermaid too late for it to be mailed today and now I will not get it until Monday or Tuesday. (I needed the sample chart to choose the colours)

There was a note about a package too!! I rushed to the postoffice BUT the postman hadn't returned yet. Now I will not get the parcel until tomorrow. It must be from my Secret Pal although it has arrived much earlier than expected!!! I want it now!!! Sigh!!

Well, curiousity killed the cat! I wil try to be patient (NOT NOT NOT).

Anyway, I ordered 600 g of shetlandwool for the Mermaid. It was almost impossible to choose besween the colours. I have settled for petrol as the main colour (ny51) and then ny10, ny12 or ny07 for the gussets and stribes. Couldn't make up my mind :-)

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