Monday, March 12, 2007

Welcome Secret Pal :-)

This is it! SP10 is in the air and I have been blessed with a secret pal. Welcome my secret pal!! I am soooo curious about what you come up with. I just love surprises! I have been looking forward to this for ages. Actually, the anticipation is half the fun.

And offcourse I am a secret pal myself. I am going to spoil Marion from Amsterdam i Holland.
She makes a lot of nice things apart from knitting. Cross stictching (actually I am working on a cross stich myself, a christmas thing for my son, but right now it is an UFO as it is a christmas thing -and I am so not in the mood for xmas at this time of the year)and miniature houses. She says she is a beginner knitter, I am impressed with her beginning skills!

So, it is a great day and on top of that it is the first real spring day. The weather is sunny and mild (13 degrees celsius). So far I havn't been in the mood for hanging out in the garden, but I can feel it is going to change soon.

With a weather like this is feels kind of stupid to make winterclothe! Anyway, I am still working on the balaclava. As I couldn't find a pattern I make it up myself. So far I have done quite a few changes on the one I had in mind. I am facing a problem though -soon I will need to continue with double pointed needles. Which I don't have!

But this is not the only thing I have been up to. I have tried out my winder. Both me and my kids find it fascinating! The yarn, however, takes up much more space this way.

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