Monday, March 19, 2007

Q from my SP

My Secret Pal mailed me some questions and instead of making my mail to her even longer (the non-knitting subjects occupied several pages) I will post and answer them here. Who knows, I might participate the SP11 too and then my future SP get to know me even better.
Her we go:

What is your next project, now that you’ve finished the shawl?
I still havn't finished the balaclava for my daughter, it is on the way from a WIP to an UFO. Instead I started doing a hat for my bald husband. I fear he will never wear it but I'll give it a try. I am not used to 3 mm needles and it kind of takes foreeeever. I would love to make some kind of special sweater for myself using some nice yarn. But havn't found the pattern nor the yarn. Altough I would love to make it using 3 mm needles I better stick to 4mm and above.
Because things went a little slow with the hat I digged out an UFO . This one, only in black and shorter -but I am not to crazy about it to be honest. The yarn is too cheap and the pattern to wide. I Think I felt a little fat the day I chose the pattern.

I’m trying to choose some special yarn for you that you wouldn’t easily find in Denmark. Can you find Rowan and Colinette yarns? I tried to do a danish google and found nothing for Colinette and only one place that had a bit of Rowan. I for sure havn't tried them -would love to!

Do you prefer to knit with soft yarns for example cashmere/merino or possum to hardwearing (and tougher to knit with) wool such as Shetland or Blue faced Leicester (BFL) which soften incredibly on blocking? (not sure which category I would put mohair in) I guess I am a little to the soft side, but it depends on what it is for. Not too itchy I guess, unless it is for felted bags.

Do you like handpainted yarn? Yes I like it but havn't had a chance to try it yet.

What weight is the yarn you are knitting your squares from? The off white is It is 300m/50 but I use two threads at a time. The light blue is 145m/50g.

What kind of yarn(s) are you using? I am always ready for something new. If I use one kind of yarn it doesn't mean it is the only one I want to use. I have used mohair quite a lot- I find it very good for making winter shawls. Especially if it isn't too thick. I sometime use cotton, especially for the kids, however, at the moment I have plenty of cotton -ran into a sale. I am really not much of an expert when it comes to yarn. Most of the things I have made are with one colour only. I would like to try mixing colours but don't really know how to do it. I have a thing with horizontal stripes -I was ones told short people shouldn't wear that- And I am short. Guess I have to go for something a little more sophisticated than stripes! Or maybe multicoloured yarn like the sockyarn hundretwasser . Maybe handpainted yarn is the answer!

What do you like to bake? What was the last thing you made? Bread, rolls, baguettes, naan, white bread, brown bread and bread with cinnamon, cardamom, carrots etc etc. My favourite bread these days is brown bread rolls with chopped dried fruits -figs, apricots and prunes. Yesterday I made a pile of white baguettes and some brown rolls for my son (he doesn't like the ones with fruit).

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Anonymous said...

Very helpful answers :-)I think your first goodies will be to your liking.... I have a bald husband too! He wears the hats I knitted for him one of which is very hundredwasseresque (before opal brought their yarn out)!

Your bread sounds really yummy! I love cardamon!

Your SP