Sunday, September 30, 2007


I think I am suffering from joinitis, I hope it isn't lethal.
I found (and joined) a new secret stole thing the other day.
It's not as big as Chrysopolis where you'll need 1600 m. With SoS you'll just need 1100 m (1200 yeards) which seems a little more managable.
I just wonder whether it's with a knitted on border. With two borders going on at the moment I really don't want a third (soon I'll show pic of the border on Anne's Garden Shawl). Actually, I am pretty fed up with knitted on borders!!


Erna said...


jeg har valgt at tagge dig. Hvis du går ind på min side kan du se hvad det handler om. Håber du vil være med


rabbitIng said...

it's not fatal, but it is incurable, so just enjoy it, babe! ;)

infpknitter said...

don't forget the Mystic Waters shawl knitalong also free on

just doing my duty as an enabling knitizen.

purplejen said...

I'm soo tempted ... but have my knitting planned for the next 3 months or so. You go girl!