Tuesday, September 4, 2007


My books arrived yesterday!

  • The first and second book of Modern Lace Knitting are great. The projects are all kinds of tablecloths etc knitted with small needles so I wonder how big they get when knitted for shawls. Jennie is knitting The Thistle from the second book (cover pic on the red one) and I very much look forward to see it grow.
  • Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls has various basic stitch patterns with charts and some projects without charts (why no charts?) It's okey but not at all as good as heirloom by Sharon Miller
  • Wraped in Comfort I don't like. Most of the projects have been made with too big needles and too heavy yarn -in my opinion. They just look clumsy.


Ariannah Armstrong said...

Two of those books (The Kinzel books) are on the way for me, from amazon as well!

I've read the first one several times (what's left of it, as someone decided they wanted a few pages of it for themselves :P) and decided I had to have a copy of my own.

Sharon Miller's book is amazing, isn't it?

gordyandjen said...

Enjoy!!! The tablecloths I've knitted on 4mm needles with laceweight wool have been medium sized (probably about half to three quarters of your cap shawl. I usually choose a knitted edging. I wasn't so sure about the traditional lace shawls book at first but now find it useful when adapting/designing patterns. I have a similiar issue with Folk shawls as well as wrapped in comfort but when knitted up in laceweight they work out ok.

N. Maria said...

I have the first 3 books and look at them almost every day.
I love my eye candy (aka: books, yarn, needles, etc).