Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spoiled BIG time

Have a look at this HUGE pile of presents that I received from Purplejen today. Is she GREAT or what?!!! Lots and lots of presents with little notes on telling me when to open them -when I feel blue, fed up with statistics, for dark winter nights or when I want to think about next summer. Presents for the kids, yummy chocolate and lots of other things.

I am totally overwhelmed!!!

These will brigthen up my days for a long long time! I havne't even opened any yet. Not that I don't want to, but I just want to sit and admired the whole lot a little longer!

Ok, those mint chocolates are all gone -my family helped me out ;-)

These calendars are just so cute.

Marie unwrapping. She has already coloured and shrinked the dinsosaur in it (a piece of "plastic" that you have to colour and put in the oven, it then shrinks and get thick and hard) and looks forward to try out the sunshine photopaper.

Albert absolutely loved his parcel too. Especially the baloon chopper. Actually we all had a lot of fun with it!! He wanted to hear the "Mr Impossible" book when he was tugged in (he even wanted to hear it in english. Marie actually enjoyed it too, reading kids books is a good way to practice english)

What can I say! You're the best and really made my day -as well as the rest of the family's (that chopper was such a laugh, I'll try to upload a video).

I am so happy to have you as a friend!

Hey, you even made sure the wrapping matches my blog *lol*

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gordyandjen said...

:-) .... here's to friendship and knitting without which I wouldn't have got to know someone like you!