Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ravelry here I come

Got my invitation for Ravelry last night so have been spending some time in there. I am "lul" - surprice!!

Have had a lot of fun today with something I can't show yet as it is something for Jennie (he he).

I am still having a blast with all the presents she sent me

She was right. Some of them were a laugh, but some af them are actually quite nice. You just have to ignore the model's hairstyle and makeup -they are 80's patterns :-)

And it is always nice with mohair patterns. Which leads me to a confession....

I bought 60 skeins the other day, some of it mohair, some merino. I'm afraid my closet is getting too small!


Gammy aka Peggy said...

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. Your lace knitting looks wonderful. I'm on Ravelry too as pegstur. Looking at those pictures if funny and to think that I actually wore those hair styles.

Dea said...

60 skeins are you kidding! You are so not on SU I can tell!

rabbitIng said...

60 skeins???!!! oh dear, i think you are an addict!! mind you, it takes one to know one!! ;)
did you have anything particular in mind, or was it a bargain, or did you have a 'funny turn'? ;)))

gordyandjen said...

Stashalong here we come .... ! I thought about signing up but came back from our trip up North with 1.5Kg of wool. I have 800g of wool to dye for Mermaid!