Thursday, July 5, 2007

Things I'll never knit...

Sadly it is so much easier to find thing I would never ever knit. And you get the whole lot all together at

Pastels, transparent. No wonder she is trying to look innocent!
Imagine if you forget to put on the white shirt......

Wow....WOW. Why????

Just in case you are jealous of 80 yo with massive oedema of the legs!

Don't laugh. Cry!!!

Ouch. Wonder why they couldn't find a model for this one!

Just what I would love to cuddle up in on a nice sunny day when the grass is green and the neighbours cramped up with laughter.


Stephanie said...

LOL - LOL - LOL!!! Wow, I always knew BIBO is still alive!! Oh what horrible things you've found. Good to see how nice we are able to dress our selfes up now.

Nice Greetings from Germany

P.S. Good Luck with your porjects!!! I will bookmark your Blog to see the next stepps!

LUL said...

You are welcome any time Stephanie :-)