Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Cap Shawl #2

It sure isn't easy not to knit too much. 24 rows. 117 stitches on the needles.
Knitting on the rounds has cons and pros. No purling, but is it difficult to show the progress. It just looks like a big bubble!

The k2tog became a lot easier after I sharpened the ends of the dpns with sandpaper. The sharp one is on top. It may not look like much but it makes a big difference. My 4mm addi lace needle is 80 cm..maybe I better get a shorter one
I have installed neocounter and neoworld (in the right collum). Now I can see where in the world visitors come from. It is more accurate than clustermap. It will be fun.

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purplejen said...

What you need to use is the magic loop. Then you can transfer you knitting to the circular needle before its big enough. ... makes life a lot easier. If you google magic loop you'll get a video explaining how it works. I love the colour and the sandpaper idea, some of my bamboo needles could do with sharpening!