Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Cap Shawl #5

I have had a bit of a break through in my knitting ! - I have taught myself to knit the american/english way (I usually knit the continental way). It's slower, but my arm seem to handle it better. I do all the patterns rows the american way and the knit rows the continental way!
I am in the middle of transfering The Cap to 80 cm needles. Guess I could have gone straight to 100 cm! I thought I would be able to show the whole cap...... but 4 out of 9 repeats is all you get.
I am at row 61 and have around 280 stitches on the needles.
It still looks tiny!!! But off course blocking will hep a lot (and another 7 skeins)


jen said...

thats awesome that you taught yourself to knit engilsh style. i know i have to earn continental if i want to knit faster at stockinette, although i do zip through at a nice pace.

yeah the pattern is nice, but after awhile in each section the only thing that keeps you going is that there's another section coming.

purplejen said...

Hey ... you'll be ready for two handed fairlisle next! Being able to knit both ways is a really useful skill. You'll have it finished in no time!