Monday, July 9, 2007

I have forgotten

I have forgotten to show the grapes. Perhaps this year they will end up tasting nice. I doubt it though. The green house is in the shade of the birches and the grapes just don't get enough sun. But they look great!

Next year.... hopefully this turns into loads of red, pink, white Dianthus barbatus.

A new flower in the garden. I wonder what is is called!

But this I know. Coriander. I have loads of it not only becasue of my secret pal but last yeats coriander has caused lots of coriander inbetween especially the dahlias. I just left year I'll get even more I guess. But it smells nice.

The appletree look nice and healthy. Last year's cutting it back did wonders ad it seems like we'll get just the right amount of apples this year.

One more photo of this little beauty who is turning HUGE!!! And look at all those hairs! It stings! I tried eating a bit of it....quite tasteless and definately not the way to get rid of it (not that I really want to)

Pink roses and lavender. One of my favourites.

And finally, a delicate light pink fuchsia that was trying to hide between the roses.


Floderten said...

Lækker have du har! :) Jeg bliver helt misundelig.. Vi har kun et lille frimærke delikat overstrøet med græs og fliser... øv!

Hvilke links er det du ikke kan få til at virke? Er det dem der linker til Ravelry? De havde vist noget nede-tid i går, såvidt jeg husker... Det burde snart komme op og køre igen. :)

Trine xx

purplejen said...

ooh I love fuchia's. Great pictures, will it be apple pie and grape juice ... soon?

purplejen said...

... forgot to ask ... have you signed up for ravelry? ... will email properly tomorrow

LUL said...

Fun that you ask Jennie, Floderten's comment was about ravelry, but perhaps you noticed. I havn't signed up for it and has only had a short peak at it. I fear I'll just end up with more places that I have to keep track of!?
Floderten, jep det var dine links til ravelry. Prøver bare igen -men ellers har jeg jo ogen selv :-)