Tuesday, April 3, 2007

SP10 contest

Bobbi, the hostess of the european part of SP10 has set up a contest. We have to answer 2 questions and there will be a drawing for socks that rock yarn.
1) How old were you when you learned how to knit?
2) Who taught you?

I could make a short version (1: Don't remember 2: My mother) or I could try to make a longer version which I guess is slighly more entertaining (slightly).
1:My best guess is around 10 yo. Somewhere I have a pair of blue mittens with an orange car (I actually used them a few months ago) but off course I can't find them rigth now. I must have been older when I made those though. I remember starting on a baby blanket for my nephew when I was around 11 yo ( also remember my mother had to make most of it!!). No matter what i didn't do much knitting until app. 2 years ago when I, in a stressfull period, discovered crochet and knitting as a therapy. In the beginning I mainly did crochet, then mainly knitting and now I do both.
2: My mother taught me and I am sure she enjoyed to as I have 3 older brothers (who never seemed very interested in handcrafting!). I didn't remember much though and have taught myself what I know today -with a lot of help from web sites and books.

That's it!

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Bobbi said...

Thanks for playing.

BTW- Mermaid looks great!