Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A NON mermaid post

I have spend most of the day on a course on english grammar -only did a little bit of knitting. It's going to be a felted bag. Mermaid is a bit too complex to knit while at a course.

I could't resist trying out some of the mohair I bought the other day. This is going to be a lace sweater -my own design (sort of)

I am working on the second parcel for my downstream SP and wanted to get her some yarn she can't get in Holland. However, I am not that familiar with Danish/Scandinavian brands and decided to ask in a handcrafting forum ( The owner of the site spins her own yarn from all kind of animals and guess what! She donated a handspun skein of dog and sheep wool. Isn't that great and so sweet of her? It's from a Collie. I can't wait to hear what my downstream pal thinks of it. I have been told it doesn't make her cats go crazy -I hope it's true!!

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