Saturday, April 14, 2007

SP10 #2

3 days ago my Secret Pal dropped a hint that something was on its way....

Nothing arrived yesterday and I honestly thought there was no package delivery during the weekend which made the surprice even bigger when I returned from shopping and found a huge parcel waiting for me.

And I was aaaall by myself. No curious boy wanting to ripe it all apart this time. I spend 1½ hour(!!!!!) opening, unpacking, taking tests and pictures. 1½! hour!!! And I enjoyed every single second of it.

Prepare for a lot of pictures 'cos I am about to show all the goodies my wonderfull Secret Pal sent me!

get ready!

Love cats!

Look at this pile of presents!

A hook for tunesian crochet and a book with patterns. It looked so interesting that I stopped unwrapping for at least 5 minutes! I have never tried tunesian crochet and look very much forward to try it out. I am sure a close friend of mine will find it very interesting too, can't wait to show her!

Yes! Hundretwasser sock yarn. This is the last thing to finally make me knit my first pair of socks (once my arm feel better and mermaid is done) Or maybe I should make a hat...or a pair of mittens or.... I love it!
And a 2,5 mm bamboo hook. I don't have that size!!
Some of the presents were put in the cutest gift bags!

Mmmm. Chocolates (already tried them), needles and a local treat (what is it? :-D)

*lol* funny buttons, perfect for a garden and cooking freak like me. And dried ginger and peppercorns- great!

Another fantastic Colinette yarn. 100% Merino wool. I had to take app. 30 picture to get the colours right (and use a bit of Photoshop magic). She has managed to turn me into a turquoise/bluish/greenish/petrol monster by know!!! (Parcel#1 colinette mohair, silk see below)

One more bag which kept me busy for a long time :-) A SP10 yarn quiz (as promised)

I spend AGES fondelign and caressing all the yarn and admirering the colours and texture. And taking the test!! I think I did quite well though I didn't get them all right. I partly blame it on my unfamiliarity with the english weight terms (nice excuse eh?)

Most exotic: I have to admit I voted for the silks, but the cashmere is probably more expensive. I just loved the silks (which I put in the softest group aswell), especially the turquoise-blue one (no 10). I am not sure what I would make of it if I had more...maybe just keep it to admire and fondle!! But it deffinately make me realise I have to make SOMETHING with silk!

I have a lot of black boucle myself -that was the easy one. I can't figure out what to do with it though!!!

Best for felting: the scratchy wool is probably great :-) but I think the Blue faced leicester (no 8) in various blue and purple colours will look beautiful when felted.

I just realised I had to show close ups of the skeins. Aren't they cute? I have to try to make skeins like that myself. It really brings out the best of the yarn.
1: Suri Alpaca (100% Alpaca) Laceweight (Cherry Tree Hill)

2: 100% Merino Laceweight (Touch Yarn NZ)

3: Silk 100% Aran weight (Hipknits)

4:Merino 100%) Laceweight (Cherry Tree Hill)
5: Celestial merino 50% / Mohair 50% Lace weight

6:50% wool / 50% Mohair Boucle (Texere)

7: Merino 100% Laceweight (Mergareth Stove)

8: Blue faced leicester 100% wool Aran weight (Straid wool)
9: Shetland wool 100% Cobweb weight (Texere)

10: Silk 100% Sock yarn (Hipknits)

11: Cashmere 100% Sock yarn (Hipknits)

12: Wool 100% Aran weight Irish Bainin (Kerry woolen mills)
13: merino 70% / Silk 30% Sock wool (Farmers merket)

14: Mohair / Merinoblend Laceweight (Touch Yarn NZ)

15: Wool 100% Sock weight (Colinette) "Jitterbug"

And finally 2 huge posters for my children. They love them -Maries loves prehistoric creatures and is better at astronomy than I !! I know excatly where to put them!

What can I say!!!

Thank you my Secret Pal!

I enjoyed every single bit of it !!


Bobbi said...

Wow! What an amazing parcel!

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it. I had such fun putting it together for you. I love your last picture of the yarn in the grass like its stalking .... your SP