Friday, April 13, 2007

Fruit 'n Fiber Buns

Dissolve 50g yeast in 900 ml lukewarn water. Add 2 teatablespoon salt and 500g whole-grain flour.
Chop up 200g dried figs, 100 dried apricot and 100g prunes. Add it together with app. 750 g wheat flour. Mix for 5 min

Leave it to rise for app. 45 min

Smack it on a baking tray with 2 spoon, toss some of them in sesame seeds if you like.
Bake for app. 15 min at 200 degrees celsius.


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Anonymous said...

Yummy yum yum .... Thanks for posting this ... was going to ask you for the recipe. Now I can indulge in my friday night relaxation and bake something new to take up the hill tomorrow. (... mentally checks contents of larder).

your SP