Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun

The rising sun
Blesses my mind
With joy.
The setting sun
Blesses my heart
With peace.

Measures 108 by 50 cm (42.5" by 19.7")

People are busy knitting the SSS and a few have already finished Clue 1. Well done, it's looking great! Have a look.

When Clue 2 is released next Tuesday I will close the group to new members.

3 comments: said...

I have been watching the progression of this project and I just have to ask: Is this a design of yours? I would also like to know where I can get the pattern if it will be released?

I just love your designs (I am working on the SSS and loving every minute!)!
Thank you so much for hosting the KAL!

LUL said...

Thanks for the kind words :-) Courtney. Like most lace designers I use a lot a of different stitch books when I design my shawls, so it's more a matter of putting things together than actually designing the individual patterns. This one is from a book by Barbara Walker (the third I think).
I'll wil somehow make the pattern avaiable for purchasing at a later stage when I have figured out everything about paypal and automatic file download :-)

Tally said...

Lul, what a beautiful poem. I love sunrises and sunsets. Enjoyed a lot of the latter during my Christmas vacs at a beautiful beach in Spain. It was a good idea, that I couldn't start SSS on time (we discussed about it)*lol*, I needed my time for the nature there :-).
Maybe some day I put this poem also on my blog since I seem to be posting a lot of sunsets and sunrises.

Now back to knitting..... The medaillons were easy, but the second part of clue 1 requires a lot of frogging and reknitting from my part.

Your done clue 1 looks beautiful!