Monday, December 31, 2007

The Loop Stitch

Happy New Year to you all

Below is a video of how to do The Loop Stitch. You need this for the SSS.

I hope everybody in the Spring Shawl Surprise will enjoy starting 2008 with this surprise knit. I I also hope you will like what it turns into!


CresceNet said...
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Ingalill said...

Just want to say: Happy New KnittingYear!

myosotis said...

Thanks for this demonstration and a Happy New Surprise Knitting Year!
Greetings, Marion

C4G said...

I really cannot see what you are doing or what the stitch is supposed to look like. Can you increase the brightness??

Denise/CT said...

Thank you for posting this. I read the directions and thought I'd take a look just to be sure I understood how to do this. Glad I did, because I would of knit the 3 stitches together instead of separately....then I would of had to rip back and try it again. UGH! You saved me a lot of time by posting this.
Happy New Year! I'm enjoying the knit a long while watching US football.

LUL said...

c4g if you double click the video in opens in a new window on youtube. Click the lower right corner to make it full screen. Hopefully this will help.
Denmark is dark this time of the year and I am unfortunately not a professional photographer:-)

Hannestrik said...

Hej LUL.
Ja så er jeg blevet færdig med det jeg var ved at strikke, og skal nu i gang med at strikke Springshawlsurprice. Jeg synes det ser spændende ud, og glæder mig rigtig meget til at starte her i aften på det. Jeg synes du har gjort et fantastisk arbejde, mønsteret ser bare så flot ud.
Hilsen Hanne