Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Knitting is a lot of fun

If I need to be cheered up a bit I pop by youknitwhat. Not only are the pictures and comment hilarious, hundreds of people are commenting.....

I'm just thinking the handles let it down a little bit.

A checkered bag with single testicles dangling off of it. Just wow.

What the... Who ever came.... Why would any... Someone find the person who designed that thing and get them some help. Now.

I always wondered what they did with the testicles of neutered dogs.

And here I thought it was a staging area for sperm...

We call it: "Bumble Bee Testicle Bag" Catchy, no?

Alien scrota!

Balls ! said the Queen.If I had them, I'd be KING!

A purse inspired by Bobby Fischer's colonoscopy. Why, yes, those are polyps!

"Excuse me miss, but I was just admiring your balls."

uh.. it has polyps...

I think you are suppose to milk itMellykins

OMG that is _shite_! It lookos like the bag is vomiting yarn. Blech.

Someone told this designer to "grow some balls," and sadly, she did....

And have a look at it for breast feeding?


gordyandjen said...

he,he,he ... Iwas just writing you a mail about egg timers when hotmail crashed!

linda said...

well, this probably shows a difference in our ages. My friends and I saw this bag and felt that they rather resembled our breasts after breastfeeding too many children and running without proper support... he he he