Friday, January 11, 2008

SSS Clue 2

It sure isn't easy to keep up with the group ;-) Even though I am cheating and started clue 3 yesterday as I want to double check the clues before I send it out.

I am using Jaggersoun Superfine merino 5040 yards/lb (1000m/100g). 3 mm Addi Lace circulars 80 cm long and so far, dryblocked, it measures 29 by 61 cm (24" by 11.4"). I am doing the short version which means it will end up being just below 2 meters long (78.7")


Janice in GA said...

So that's what it's SUPPOSED to look like if you use the correct charts for both clues! :)

(I'm Archergal5219 on Ravelry, the one who DIDN'T do that. Yet.) :)

lul said...

:-) lol, well, it's one way at least!!

Ma Dalton said...

It's a wonderfull thing !
Great, gorgious, i cant find my english adjectives for that !