Friday, December 28, 2007

Winter sunshine

I finished something secret and suddenly found myself with nothing to knit! No project on the go! (well, apart from the zillion things that have gone from WIP to UFO. The list is much longer now)
Anyway, no lace projects on the needles ;-) I have knitted SSS several times -but not in one piece and figured I, like everybody else, will start Jan 1st. Well, honestly, I would have started all ready if only I had some lace weight yarn. I got a big cone of merino for christmas, but of course in the only colour that doesn't work with the theme -black. I have a lot of kidmohair too, but the shawl would turn out huge with that.
So while waiting for my order from Sarah's Yarn I was inspired by another christmas present, three books by Barbara Walker -and started a new project that I still don't know what will look like in the end.
And this is how far I've gotten in between teaching (ahem) my children to play on their new Nintedo NS Lites.
So far I just call it "Sun"

It sure feels good finally to have something to blog about!


Amy said...

*Very* pretty - perhaps a design element in another shawl?

Amanda said...

I do like that. I hope you make something more of it.

Stephanie said...

That looks very good!! Where do you took the time from to do so much knitting?? I'm so excited and looking forward to start with the SSS! So I have to finisch some actually knitting projects very quickly!!

I wisch you a good and healthy start into the new year!


LUL said...

Well, it's holiday Stephanie ;-) and yes Amy, in the end it will end up as a shawl. I just haven't decided which patterns to use with it :-) But half of the fun it to figure that out!

Hannestrik said...

It is very very nice LUL. Are you working on a new Mystery KAL ?
I am redy to be'gin tomorrow.
I wish you a Happy New Year