Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa came by

Santa came by dressed up like Purplejen with a wonderful christmas surprise.
Thank you Jen!
You are the best. Look at all these goodies she send me

Yummy delicate mohair. I have never seen kidmohair at this weight before 400m/25 g. And the colour is gorgeous!
And not only has she dyes her own yarn she also SPUN it!! It will be so fun to use! And the colours are great too!

A body care kit, perfect for the cold frosty whether we have these days.

My favourite scent and look at that calendar. Isn't it just SO much fun!? And a box of beautiful green pearls and delicious chocolate (already ate half of it, am working on my xmas belly)

Thanks Jen. I didn't even open all of them. Will save some for tomorrow night.

I luuuuv getting spoiled :-D

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