Friday, November 23, 2007

More surprises

Yesterday there was a slip in my mailbox about a package waiting for me at the postofice. I was very surprised and puzzled because I wasn't expecting anything!

At the postoffice today I ripped the box up right away (by then I could see it was from Amazon and admitted, I was out of patience). Gosh. Reb has spoiled me again and sent me a copy of her favourite indian cooking book! We are both very fond of indian cooking :-)

Reb, thanks a million! I am totally overwhelmed and in lack of words. It is so sweet of you!!

1 comment:

Reb said...

Enjoy the pristine condition of your book. Very soon it will be splashed with delicious sauces and ingredients that have fallen, spilled, or squirted onto!

(you're welcome :))